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YTS Wealth Management: Guiding Retirement Planners towards Financially Secure Future

In an age where individuals encounter varying opinions and articles about retirement, professional advice becomes essential to determine the optimal time and strategy for a peaceful future. In this regard, YTS Wealth Management plays a crucial role in steering clients to have a financially secure post-retirement future. The firm serves as an ally and trusted friend that helps customers achieve financial independence through holistic financial plans that integrate components essential for a comfortable retirement. These include tax-smart investments, medicare, accounting, taxes, and healthcare needs and long-term care insurance.

YTS diverges from conventional practices and has established a platform to autonomously manage every aspect of comprehensive financial planning including retirement planning. This enables the client to address all their financial needs in one location. Apart from this novel methodology, the firm stands out due to its preference for genuine in-person communication instead of video conferencing and phone calls.

"Our clients appreciate the personalized touch we provide. They value that our advisors are willing to visit them at home, anytime and anywhere, ensuring their utmost comfort,” says Nicholas Subich, President and CEO of YTS Wealth Management.

The personalized approach has been instrumental in the firm’s rapid growth. Backed by a team of 21 professionals, YTS caters to over 3000 clients and manages assets worth over $800 million. This data attests to clients’ recognition and understanding of the firm’s commitment to providing comfort throughout the financial planning process. The favorable response is also evident in the influx of referrals, which constitutes most of its customer base.

To further exemplify YTS’s commitment to providing personalized service, it delivers a physical package overnight to the client’s residence after they request financial planning assistance. The box contains tangible materials that introduce the company and iterate its service execution process, as well as a document checklist for the initial meeting.

The first round of consultation is solely devoted to comprehending the customer’s goals and objectives. The firm then meticulously crafts a comprehensive financial blueprint that secures a positive cash flow throughout the client’s life time. Following this, an action plan outlining the execution process is presented in the second meeting. YTS's accountants, insurance consultants, and wealth managers efficiently synchronize with the service team to execute each facet of the devised plan.

The firm holds quarterly client meetings to inform them of the status of each investment and discuss future strategies for these assets. Aside from routine meetings, the firm cultivates strong relationships by hosting frequent client appreciation events, such as golf outings and barbeque parties. This allows every team member to get to know the clients on a personal level to understand the client’s goals and requirements.

Subich recounts a recent success story that demonstrates YTS's ability to dispel retirement misconceptions online and assist clients in achieving financial independence. Six years ago, an individual deemed it imperative to accumulate more wealth than necessary for a comfortable retirement. Today, the customer holds assets totaling $1.2 million, enjoying a more luxurious retirement than planned.

Another instance that exemplifies YTS’s dedication to personally meeting clients, ensuring their comfort, and ascertaining that their wealth is securely managed is when a customer battling the last stages of cancer requested an in-person meeting to iron out details regarding assets and beneficiaries. Despite a busy schedule, Subich and his team traveled to the client’s residence at midnight. The team meticulously discussed every detail, provided assurance to the client in his final moments, and ensured the seamless transfer of assets to designated beneficiaries following his passing.

These case studies are just a few instances that describe the service quality offered to each client, irrespective of their location and phase in life. In addition, YTS’s commitment to nurturing close relationships has paved the way for it to expand its footprint across seven locations in the US. The increased proximity to clients nationwide has enabled the firm to assume the role of a long-term partner who walks with them for the rest of their lives. Its unwavering support also instills confidence in customers that they can live a lifestyle marked by comfort and financial security.

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