Wealth management solutions for families

Planning for your family

At YTS, we encompass service and planning for all aspects of not only your personal financial situation, but also for your family. With a combination of our planning, portfolio, and insurance teams, we make sure that all aspects of family goals are pursued through estate, legacy, and educational planning for your future generations to come.

Multi-generational planning can ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Financial Security

Planning for long-term financial security of not only the current generation but also the future ones.

Wealth Preservation

Financial planning helps ensure that the wealth accumulated by one generation is effectively preserved and can be passed onto future generations. It involves creating strategies to minimize estate taxes, protect assets, and establish structures like trusts that can safeguard wealth for the long term.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is important to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, protect your loved ones, and minimize tax conflicts.


Long term education planning allows individuals to manage their resources and plan ahead for future educational expenses. The transfer of knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to the next, ensures that the younger generations are well-equipped to manage wealth, make informed decisions, and contribute to the family's legacy.

Adapting to Change

As life changes, there is a chance your financial situation can too. Creating a personalized plan can help a family navigate changes in tax laws, economic conditions, and other factors that can impact their wealth.

Creating a Family Legacy

Multi-generational financial planning can help a family create a lasting legacy, ensuring that their wealth supports their values and goals for generations to come.

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