President and CEO

Nicholas A. Subich, CPFA

Nick Subich is a co-founder of YTS Wealth Management, established in 2019 with a vision to redefine personalized Wealth Management in the financial marketplace. His journey in the financial services industry began with Lincoln Financial Securities, and in 2020, he transitioned his practice to LPL Financial. Currently, Nick assumes the role of President and CEO at YTS, where he dedicates himself to enhancing the client experience, introducing new services, and spearheading growth initiatives for the firm.

From the Johnstown, PA area, Nick is an alumnus of Lock Haven University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Economics. During his college years, Nick demonstrated exceptional multitasking abilities as a student-athlete, contributing to Lock Haven's football team, all while earning his commission as an Army Infantry Officer in the PA Army National Guard. Even today, Nick continues his commitment to serving his community as the Company Commander of Bravo Company 1/109th IN in Williamsport, PA.

Nick's military background, marked by a relentless pursuit of improvement and resilience in the face of challenges, deeply influences YTS's philosophy.

Under Nick's leadership, YTS Wealth Management has achieved remarkable growth, scaling from managing $85 million in assets to an impressive $850 million in assets under management. This substantial expansion underscores Nick's strategic vision and commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients and advisors.

Nick's outstanding contributions have been recognized by various prestigious awards, including Forbes Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors and Pittsburgh Smart Business 50. Furthermore, YTS Wealth Management, under Nick's leadership, was honored as one of the Top 20 Wealth Management Service Providers of 2023. In addition to his professional honors, Nick is also the recipient of the Johnstown Magazine of the Year Award, a testament to his impact and leadership within the community.

Nick is not only the President and CEO of YTS Wealth Management but also actively engages in community service and leadership roles. He serves on the Murrysville Library Board and the Murrysville Parks and Recreation Foundation Board, where he contributes his expertise and dedication to enriching the community's cultural and recreational offerings, ensuring accessible resources and vibrant spaces for residents to enjoy.

His commitment to community involvement extends beyond his professional endeavors, reflecting his deep-rooted belief in giving back and making a positive impact in the lives of others. Through his leadership on these boards, Nick continues to play an integral role in shaping the quality of life in Murrysville, PA, and fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among its residents.

Residing in Murrysville, PA, Nick cherishes moments spent with his family, including his wife Regina, son Anthony, and their beloved dogs, Conan and Caroline. Whether it's enjoying a leisurely walk through the woods or passionately cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers during a football game, Nick finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.

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