Onboarding Consultant

Dakota Cannoy

Hailing from a background of constant movement, I've called five different states home, with Washington D.C. making it six if you count it separately. Growing up, the Air Force dictated much of my family's relocation, instilling in me a diverse upbringing. Alongside me on this journey are my two younger brothers, Montana and Nevada.

My educational path winds through the hills of Preston County, WV, where I graduated from high school before embarking on my collegiate journey at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a mass exodus, I found myself relocating once more, this time to WVU, where I pursued an undergraduate degree in Multiple Disciplinary Studies. Complementing this, I delved into minors in Business, Accounting, and Sports Exercise and Psychology.

Throughout my college tenure, I assumed the role of vice president at the Student Center for Public Trust chapter in Marshall. Here, our focus was on giving back to the community through various charity initiatives and community projects, while also celebrating exceptional individuals on campus with prestigious awards.

Transitioning to WVU, I became involved with Data Driven for West Virginia, a collaborative effort between faculty and students aimed at empowering local companies to thrive in an increasingly data-centric world. Post-graduation, I made the move to Pittsburgh with my girlfriend, who is a formulation lab chemist. Presently, we reside in Bellevue, where I indulge in my passions for reading, exercising, watching movies, and mastering culinary delights, with a particular penchant for the works of Stephen King.

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