2023 Johnstown Magazine 35 Under 35

Johnstown Magazine presents our first ever 35 Under 35 Edition

The 35 people we are about to present to you are young people to keep your eye on – they are the area’s future movers and shakers. These are the faces you will see and the names you will hear mentioned over and over again in this community in the next 20, 30 and 40 years.

While each and every one of these 35 young people is uniquely, artistically, spiritually and creatively individual, they all have a few things in common.  They all share a common bond.  They are all under the age of 35, they have all been nominated to be in our August 2023 edition by our readers, they are  all from or living in the Greater Johnstown area, and they are all taking an active part in making positive and impactful changes in their communities. Our communities.

We would like to introduce you to 35 amazing, ambitious, and dare we say, even attractive reasons why our area is in the upswing.  

The 35 people you are about to meet are indeed the faces and the movement of the future. And that certainly includes ...

Nicholas Subich

28; Johnstown

How would we know you? I was born and raised in Johnstown in the West End and Moxham. I graduated from Johnstown High school in 2013 and lived and breathed Johnstown athletics.

I also consistently participated in community outreach events while in high school.

Johnstown High School prepared me to excel at Lockhaven University where I earned a degree in finance and economics, and commissioned as an Army officer.  I then co-founded a wealth management firm in Pittsburgh in 2019. Shortly after starting the firm and achieving a high level of success, I started the Subich Trojan Spirit Scholarship to immediately begin giving back to the kids in Johnstown. I will always respect and appreciate the people who helped me as a kid in Johnstown and I will always return the favor and help the current kids in Johnstown.

What is the first thing you did this morning? Workout

What was the most challenging thing you did today? Definitely running three miles in the rain

What is something about you that other people would be surprised to learn? That I am also a Commander in the Army National Guard

Your day doesn't feel complete unless you get a chance to do what? My day is never complete until I spend time with my son

What do you do for fun? I love to golf, take my son to the park with my wife, and walk our two dogs, Conan and Caroline

Do you have any strange or guilty pleasures? My only guilty pleasure is a good chocolate chip cookie

Why does Johnstown feel like home? Because it has made me who I am today and continues to motivate me.

What two words best describe you? Consistent, Disciplined

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